From Dallas to Oz and Back

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Red Gala Apple on a Wooden Table

I had an interesting experience this afternoon. While I was shopping for produce at my local Whole Foods (health food store), my brother, who lives in Australia, called my mobile phone. He had some CSS coding questions. Over the next 15 minutes or so, as I’m adding apples, oranges, lettuce, mushrooms, and other tasty stuff to my cart, we were chatting about CSS inheritance, descendant selectors, and parent/child/sibling relationships. I can’t imagine what the other shoppers must have been thinking! No, wait. I’m sure I can… moving on quickly…To review: My brother’s in Australia sitting in front of his computer. I’m in Dallas trying to decide between apples from Australia or New Zealand. And I was referring him to CSS resources from companies based in Australia (Westciv’s Style Master CSS Editor and MaxDesign’s CSS Resources and Tutorials). What a small world.By the way, I finally opted for the “new crop” organic Gala apples from Washington state. I’m hoping they’re as good as the Fuji, Jazz, and Pink Lady apples I’ve been eating all summer from down under. Love the apple.