My First Apple Logo Sticker

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Photo of the iPod PackagingFor the past 12 hours or so I’ve been debating about even adding a post about this. But I think it’s good to finally admit it… lately I have been suffering from iPod envy. You see, about a year and a half ago I bought a Creative Labs Jukebox Zen Xtra MP3 player. And I’ve been very happy with it. Well, I’ve mostly been happy with it–until I started learning more about podcasting. Then I broke out into a really bad case of jealousy for anyone who owns an iPod.Before you misinterpret that last sentence, let me just say that I fully understand that podcasting doesn’t require an actual iPod. In fact, my little Zen did it quite nicely. However, I couldn’t listen to the downloaded podcasts while I was in the car commuting to and from work. That’s the best time, in my opinion, to listen to just about any kind of recording: music, podcasts, presentations, audio books, etc. I’ve got 30 minutes to an hour twice a day to simply drive and listen. But, alas, the Alpine head unit I bought (and absolutely love) has an optional iPod interface, not a generic MP3 player interface.So, yesterday afternoon I took a quick trip to the home electronics store to do some research. That’s all I intended to do… research the iPod line of products and the car stereo interface. Honest, that’s it. All I wanted to do was look, not buy. Within 15 minutes I was walking out with a bag of new gadgets. Dammit. I know, I know… I’m weak. I need help. I’m now the proud owner of a 60GB Color iPod and Alpine KCA-420i iPod interface adapter.About 2 hours later, I was listening to podcasts while driving to the grocery store. It was incredibly simple. I installed the car stereo interface in about an hour, uploaded a big bunch o’ MP3s to the iPod, created a few playlists, and away I went.I guess I could sell my Zen player. Not sure though… still trying to figure that part out. Maybe I could re-gift it this Christmas? Hmm… tempting…Just one more thing to figure out. Where should I slap my new Apple logo sticker?