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Guerrilla Accessibility

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I have an interesting couple of projects that I’m working on these days. One project involves creating and giving a presentation on “Web Standards and Accessibility.” The other project involves building HTML templates for a client who is requesting the site be built with nested tables and spacer graphics (no CSS-based layouts, please). In other words, not standards-compliant to a large degree. What an interesting combination of projects! But alas… I’ve come up with a sneaky plan. Continue Reading →

Flickr Photos

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In addition to the photos I’ve posted on this site, be sure to check out the ones I’ve posted on my Flickr account. As I add a new photo set on that site, I’ll try to add a note here with a sample. So far, I’ve created the following photo sets: Macro, Australia, Fort Worth, and Camera Phone. There are about 140 photos total, each with categorical tags for organizing and searching.

My Journey to Web Standards and Accessibility

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I’ve recently started the journey of converting this site to be more Web standards compliant and accessible. I decided to start small and just see how it goes. I’ve completed the following steps so far: converted all HTML code to more semantic and structural XHTML, switched to a CSS layout, and added accessibility enhancements throughout. I’ve also removed all of the decorative graphics from the foreground—they don’t show up when CSS is disabled or when the page is printed.It’s truly amazing how much cleaner this code is becoming. Let me know what you think if you get a few minutes.

By the power vested in me…

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…by no one in particular. I do hereby open this section of the site. I call it “Notes” and that’s pretty much what I intend it to include—thoughts, announcements, anything. I’d call it a blog… but I prefer “online journal.” Continue Reading →