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Guitar Detail Photos

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Detail Photo of the Front Face of a GuitarOnce again, I’ve dragged out the photo studio lights and taken some nice closeup photos. This time I was inspired by my guitar. I’ve owned this guitar for ages, but never have been serious about learning to play it with any level of competence. Lately, I’ve been practicing twice a day for the past few months. And finally, I’m able to play enough chords to actually get through a few simple songs. Practice, practice, practice. Anybody know what I can do about all these calluses on my left hand? Ouch! There are four guitar detail photos in my Macro photo set on Flickr.

New Macro Photos

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In addition to the SXSX Interactive conference photos I uploaded recently, I’ve added a few photos to the Macro photo set on my Flickr account. They’re closeup photos taken while roaming around the Austin Convention Center as well as from different parts of Austin.