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Site Launch: American Women’s Club Malmö

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Screen Shot of the Alcon Laboratories WebsiteI’m very excited to announce the launch of the site for the American Women’s Club Malmö. This is a club for women from around the world (mostly from the U.S.) living in Sweden—specifically in the small southern town of Malmö where my brother and sister-in-law lived for a few years. I created a full set of XHTML templates with CSS and JavaScript code in order to give them a jump-start on redesigning their rather large and incredibly comprehensive site. This was the first time I used a visual design we purchased from one of those “template” sites. We took the Photoshop comps, threw away all the code, then started from scratch to ensure code consistency and scalability. I also enjoyed consulting with the club’s web team for a few months during the implementation phase helping with visual consistency, front-end code validation, and accessibility issues. I’m very proud of what they were able to achieve. I think the site looks really great—we’ve already received some nice feedback from the members of the club. Take a look at the original site template and the live site.