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Site Launch: Atrium Biodiversity Information System

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Screen shot of the Atrium Biodiversity Information System siteFor the past year or so I’ve had the pleasure of working with the great folks at the Botanical Research Institute of Texas (BRIT), based in Fort Worth, Texas. They’ve been building an online system to encourage sharing, collaboration, and publication in the biodiversity research community. In their own words, “Atrium is a technology platform for revolutionizing biodiversity information management by enabling researchers and organizations to share, synthesize, manage and publish biodiversity data in a collaborative, online environment. Atrium provides a broad range of tools for research organizations as well as an unparalleled, open-source framework based on industry standards which facilitates the development of powerful applications and tools for the biodiversity community.”I worked with BRIT to improve the front-end code integrity, usability, and accessibility of the system. It’s an extremely complex system with over 325 PHP-based templates. It was a wonderful opportunity and I enjoyed every minute of my small contribution to the huge project. The majority of the site requires registration, but several sections are available to the general public. Take a look at the Atrium Biodiversity Information System.