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Site Launch: Linde Lee, Inc.

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Screen shot of the Linde Lee, Inc. siteI’m always eager to dive into a project that presents a new, or otherwise unique, challenge. In this case, Mark Reeves at Reeves Design House created a visual design based on a grid of ten rectangular boxes — consistent across the whole site. This might seem fairly simple, but from a coding standpoint it can be tricky. It’s a balancing act between absolutely positioning multiple content boxes and ensuring that the content can grow vertically without disrupting the grid system. One more tricky requirement from the client: Can it be built in such a way that “non-techies” can maintain the content? Sure, why not! So, this site is another fine example of using WordPress as a CMS. I’m continually amazed how far we can stretch a simple blogging system to the limit in order to provide a client-friendly solution to a common problem in an extremely short amount of time. Take a look at the Linde Lee, Inc. site and have a look around. The site includes some great photos of their showroom at the historic Dallas Market Center just north of downtown Dallas.