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Site Launch: IIDA Texas Oklahoma Chapter

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Screen Shot of IIDA Texas Oklahoma Chapter WebsiteI’m really excited to announce the launch of my latest collaboration with Reeves Design House for the IIDA Texas Oklahoma Chapter. The International Interior Design Association (IIDA) has chapters all over the world so working on this project was a great opportunity. The site is a bit bigger than most that we have developed recently and it was a wonderful opportunity to dig into the WordPress documentation and create a highly customized and finely hand-crafted theme. This project has gotten me even more excited about the latest technology advancements with WordPress that make it an increasingly powerful content management system (CMS). At this point it’s definitely my favorite. Every time I work with it I’m more impressed with how many complex things it can do. Plus, clients seem to absolutely love working with it to maintain their own content using the built-in visual editor—it’s just like using a word processor. So, check out the newly redesigned site for IIDA Texas Oklahoma Chapter.