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My Site Now Fits on Your Phone (and Your Tablet)

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That’s right! I’ve re-written all of the HTML and CSS code on this site so that it’s now fully responsive. In other words, if you’re looking at this on a desktop computer, you can slowly resize your browser (i.e., click the lower-right corner and drag it to the left) and watch all of the website’s content shift around as the window gets smaller and smaller until you reach the approximate size of a mobile phone. The overall layout, all of the text, and even the images will respond to the size of the browser at all dimensions. As the browser gets smaller, the site shrinks to properly fit. If you’re looking at this site on your mobile phone, you’ll just see a simple, clean, and performance-oriented website. The HTML code and all the content throughout the entire site are the same for all devices and screen widths.

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