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HTML Emails: The Old School Method

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HTML Emails - The Old School Method

I’ve recently created a video training course that covers what I like to call The Old School Method of building HTML emails. Using a series of carefully prepared screencasts, I walk through all the steps necessary to plan, organize, and code foolproof HTML emails that work across a wide variety of email applications, operating systems, and mobile devices.

The sample email that I use to demonstrate the method is a real-world example, but the techniques covered in the course will definitely work for general purpose emails as well. It’s a tried and true method that I’ve used for several years. I’ve found it to be one of the best methods to ensure that your emails reach the highest number of email clients as possible. There’s even a handy bundle of exercise files in case you want to follow along with the videos. HTML emails may not be fun to build, but why not learn how to build them using a proven method that could eliminate a lot of the typical frustration and guesswork that you might be experiencing with other methods? Sound good? Then let’s get to it…

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