Site Launch: Marriott Villas

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Screenshot of the Marriott Villas WebsiteI’m very excited to announce that the site I was referring to in an earlier post about Guerrilla Accessibility has finally launched. It’s the first in a series of sites we’re building for Marriott Vacation Club International, called Marriott Villas.Actually, there are 3 projects I’ve been working on recently that fit into this category, but only one survived the client’s “enhancements” and remained highly accessible. The others… well… not so much. Let’s just say the code validated when I delivered it… not sure what happened between then and now. Oh, well…As far as the Marriott Villas site goes, I’m pretty happy with the results. I originally started down the non-table layout road, but ended up having to double-back at one point and resort to Zeldman’s “hybrid layout” approach (see chapters 8 – 10 of Zeldman’s Designing with Web Standards book). This hybrid approach has worked very well for me recently. It minimizes the use of layout tables and spacer graphics (separating content from presentation) while emphasizing semantic XHTML markup and a stronger reliance on CSS for things like margins, padding, typography, and printability.So, here’s the big question: Is the site truly accessible? Well, take a look for yourself and let me know what you think. I’d love to receive some feedback on this project. Put it through the virtual ringer. Test it with everything you’ve got in the way of assistive technology – screen readers, braille readers, zoom tools, alternate input devices, etc. I don’t have access to some of these devices (hmm… my very own disability!) so I’m eager to hear what others experience. I’m especially interested in the accessibility of things like the navigation, forms, and imagery. Have I made good choices along the way? Check it out at