Site Launch: BioMedical Waste Solutions

Posted in Accessibility, News, Web Standards

Screenshot of the BioMedical Waste Solutions WebsiteMy good friend Rob and I have recently launched a small freelance project for a biomedical waste management company in Port Arthur, Texas. I’m fairly excited about this project. It’s my very first commercial success using a completely table-less CSS layout.There isn’t even any JavaScript code used for the image rollovers in the navigation bar (not that there’s anything wrong with that). Instead, I used CSS Sprites, as described in Dave Shea’s article CSS Sprites: Image Slicing’s Kiss of Death, published on A List Apart.I’m also pleased to announce that we’ve been working with our other good friend Rob (no, not Rob, but Rob) in order to optimize the site for search engines. The code is already efficient since it’s standards-compliant and accessible, but Rob has helped us with a number of items that should enhance the site’s findability, indexability, searchability, and perhaps other abilities I’m not even aware of. We haven’t completed this phase of the project… more enhancements on the way.Take a look at the BioMedical Waste Solutions site and let me know what you think.