Site Launch: 3M Post-it Products for Kids

Posted in Accessibility, News, Web Standards

Screenshot of the 3M Post-it Products for Kids WebsiteLast month I announced the launch of my first commercial success using a completely table-less CSS layout. This month I’m proud to announce the launch of my second one. I had the unique opportunity to work on a small site for 3M with very few constraints. So, I took the opportunity to put some Web standards and accessibility skills to the test. There are no tables or JavaScript code on the site. Plus, the graphical rollovers in the navigation are created with CSS sprites. Once again, my friend Rob came through with a great design and was willing to work with me to ensure we made it as accessible as possible. My Dad even helped with the color choices to avoid any color blindness issues.Take a look at the 3M Post-it Products for Kids site and let me know what you think.