Site Launch: Procter & Gamble Pharmaceuticals – Asacol

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Screenshot of Asacol.comMy project with the interactive agency in Chicago went live. This was a fun challenge since I came on board just after the visual design, information architecture, and technical design had been established. Plus I was working remotely from Texas during the entire project (there’s a good chance I drove them crazy with so many instant messages). There are actually two sites that we created for Asacol, a product that treats ulcerative colitis. Trust me, I now know much more than I had anticipated knowing about this chronic inflammatory condition. The content of the site is extremely informative and provides some great information for both patients and healthcare professionals. This was the first time I implemented the purely CSS dropdown menu system called Son of Suckerfish Dropdowns. I guess there are advantages and disadvantages of this approach. The code is certainly straightforward and easy to edit. Take a look at the original site template.