I Aspire to Be a Web Craftsman

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I Aspire to Be a Web Craftsman

The other day I saw some front-end code that just plain angered me. I wasn’t upset that the website looked bad in the browser or that it wasn’t faithful to the original visual design. It was just poorly executed. It lacked semantics, clarity, and direction. It seemed obvious that the developer simply mailed it in. That experience compelled me to write a few words about craftsmanship and good old fashioned pride in one’s work.

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What kind of music are you listening to?

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SomaFMOne of my cousins recently asked me to send him a playlist of about 5 to 10 (or more) tracks of new music that I like. But the original list I sent him was a little dated and I’ve been wondering why I couldn’t come up with more examples of songs produced in the last few years. This morning I finally figured it out. For the past few years, I’ve mostly been listening to online radio stations (while I’m working at the computer, driving in the car, waking up in the morning, etc.). So when I sat down to respond to his email, I looked through all the songs on my MP3 player (my iPhone) instead of looking at the playlists of the online radio stations I actually listen to. Continue Reading →

Ever Taken a Survey You Actually Enjoyed?

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I Took It! And So Should You. The Survey for People Who Make WebsitesI just participated in A List Apart’s Web Design Survey, 2008 and I was really impressed with its high quality compared with other surveys I’ve taken (e.g., tech support call surveys). It seemed like a great mix – and appropriate length – of relevant questions. I’m very excited to see the results and see how my experiences as an independent developer over the past year compare with the rest of the industry. If you’re involved in the web design and development industry, you might also enjoy taking the survey. In the original words of the folks at A List Apart upon completion of the survey:

“The information you’ve so generously shared with A List Apart will help us form a picture of the ways web design is practiced around the globe. We hope that making this data available will have a positive effect on best practices and employment, and will enhance public understanding of, and respect for, our profession.”

Sound like a good idea? Then head on over and take The Survey yourself!

My First Apple Logo Sticker

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Photo of the iPod PackagingFor the past 12 hours or so I’ve been debating about even adding a post about this. But I think it’s good to finally admit it… lately I have been suffering from iPod envy. You see, about a year and a half ago I bought a Creative Labs Jukebox Zen Xtra MP3 player. And I’ve been very happy with it. Well, I’ve mostly been happy with it–until I started learning more about podcasting. Then I broke out into a really bad case of jealousy for anyone who owns an iPod. Continue Reading →

From Dallas to Oz and Back

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Red Gala Apple on a Wooden Table

I had an interesting experience this afternoon. While I was shopping for produce at my local Whole Foods (health food store), my brother, who lives in Australia, called my mobile phone. He had some CSS coding questions. Over the next 15 minutes or so, as I’m adding apples, oranges, lettuce, mushrooms, and other tasty stuff to my cart, we were chatting about CSS inheritance, descendant selectors, and parent/child/sibling relationships. I can’t imagine what the other shoppers must have been thinking! No, wait. I’m sure I can… moving on quickly…To review: My brother’s in Australia sitting in front of his computer. I’m in Dallas trying to decide between apples from Australia or New Zealand. And I was referring him to CSS resources from companies based in Australia (Westciv’s Style Master CSS Editor and MaxDesign’s CSS Resources and Tutorials). What a small world.By the way, I finally opted for the “new crop” organic Gala apples from Washington state. I’m hoping they’re as good as the Fuji, Jazz, and Pink Lady apples I’ve been eating all summer from down under. Love the apple.