WordPress as a Multilingual CMS Using WPML

WPML Plugin MenuI’ve been working on a site that requires both English and Spanish content. The user interface elements, such as the primary navigation, copyright statement, and form labels, need to be bilingual as well. The client needs the ability to update all of the content (and write new blog entries) themselves, so early on I decided to use WordPress. I’d read that WordPress can handle multilingual sites, but I wasn’t clear on how that worked exactly. Also, I don’t speak Spanish – which means I can’t provide my own translations – so I needed a solution for that as well. I considered using something like Google’s Language Tools for little things like labels, but I’ve always been suspicious about whether I’m using the preferred form of translated bits of text like “Search” and “Older Entries” and many others. Continue Reading →

WordPress as a CMS

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Free WordPress Logo Courtesy of Snap2Objects.comI’ve been using WordPress for a little over a year now. Like most people, I’ve always thought of it as a simple blogging system… and that’s about it. It works really great for blogs (like this one), but a few months ago I used it to build a job listings site for one of my clients. Ever since that time I looked for additional creative uses for WordPress. Recently, I’ve been exploring the idea of using WordPress as a general purpose content management system (CMS). I’ve done a bunch of research, reading, and experimenting over the past few months. In this post I’d like to document some of my findings: sites of interest, handy documentation bookmarks, useful plugins, etc. Continue Reading →