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I Aspire to Be a Web Craftsman

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I Aspire to Be a Web Craftsman

The other day I saw some front-end code that just plain angered me. I wasn’t upset that the website looked bad in the browser or that it wasn’t faithful to the original visual design. It was just poorly executed. It lacked semantics, clarity, and direction. It seemed obvious that the developer simply mailed it in. That experience compelled me to write a few words about craftsmanship and good old fashioned pride in one’s work.

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My Site Now Fits on Your Phone (and Your Tablet)

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mpgilbert.com on multiple screens

That’s right! I’ve re-written all of the HTML and CSS code on this site so that it’s now fully responsive. In other words, if you’re looking at this on a desktop computer, you can slowly resize your browser (i.e., click the lower-right corner and drag it to the left) and watch all of the website’s content shift around as the window gets smaller and smaller until you reach the approximate size of a mobile phone. The overall layout, all of the text, and even the images will respond to the size of the browser at all dimensions. As the browser gets smaller, the site shrinks to properly fit. If you’re looking at this site on your mobile phone, you’ll just see a simple, clean, and performance-oriented website. The HTML code and all the content throughout the entire site are the same for all devices and screen widths.

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Site Launch: Tyson Gardens

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Here’s another fun project, designed by Mark at Reeves Design House and built with WordPress. The “Gallery” page was built with the Photospace Gallery plugin. As the site explains, “Tyson Gardens has delivered upscale garden design and installation services to a broad range of clientele.” The photos of the garden designs are absolutely beautiful. The blog is just starting out, but I’m sure great things are on the way. Take a look at the Tyson Gardens web site.

Site Launch: The Healthcare Space

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Sometimes the smallest projects can be the most rewarding. This site was definitely in that category. For now, the entire web site is a single page, but it contains a bunch of nice content presented in clever ways, designed by Mark at Reeves Design House. It also provided some fun web building challenges along the way. I’m looking forward to working on bigger things for this client in the future. Check out the micro-site for The Healthcare Space.

Site Launch: IIDA Product Runway 2012

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For the past 3 years, I’ve worked with Reeves Design House on a web site for a very unique annual event. It’s called “Product Runway,” hosted by the International Interior Design Association (IIDA) Houston City Center. This is actually the 4th year for the event. The event theme this year was “Traveling Trends: An International Look at Fashion.” Months of hard work are required to plan such an event. It’s all very professionally produced and, if the event photos are proof, everyone enjoyed themselves immensely. Take a look at the IIDA Product Runway 2012 site and check out all the event details.