Mobile Site Launch: Kennington Capital

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Screen shot of the Kennington Capital mobile siteI’ve been working closely with Reeves Design House over the past year or so on a variety of freelance projects. They’ve been landing some great projects and I’ve really enjoyed being a part of as much of them as time permits. The latest set of projects has offered me some wonderful learning opportunities. We’ve been exploring mobile web design by building a mobile site for Kennington Capital, a real estate investment and development company in the Dallas area. I finally had the opportunity to dive into XHTML-MP coding and some careful testing on a seemingly endless array of handheld devices. I soon discovered that it just wasn’t practical to bug all of my friends to borrow their phones. Thanks to Klaus Komenda’s article called Testing on Mobile Devices Using Emulators, I had a much better approach for testing and tweaking the code. As well, I’ve compiled a bunch of handy links on Delicious related to mobile web design from a variety of sources. The best resource, without a doubt, was Cameron Moll’s short but concise book called Mobile Web Design, A web standards approach for delivering content to mobile devices. Cameron’s original set of articles is a great start as well. So, please take a look at the Kennington Capital mobile web site ( on your handheld device and let me know what you think.